About Us


We are a small, privately owned family business specialising in the fridge repairs and fridge freezer repairs. In addition to this website, we still operate in our local area, carrying out fridge repairs and fridge freezer repair work on a day to day basis. This means we have a vast experience in troubleshooting any fridge fault or fridge freezer fault on almost all the current and older models being used in households today.

The Aim of Our Website

The purpose of this website is to give people the confidence and advice needed to carry out DIY fridge repairs. Not only is it a very satisfying experience to fix your fridge, but it has already saved hundreds of appliances being prematurely dumped. Not to mention the money our customers have saved by doing their own repairs.

If you are experiencing any type fridge problem or fridge fault or you need help carrying out a fridge repair, whether it is a fault with a fridge thermostat or not, please get in touch. We can help with all types of fridge repairs and fridge problems.


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